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The Ultimate Photo Guide

Note Before Ordering:  

Because of the nature of our custom products, we cannot offer full refunds. However, we will do everything to make it right if you are unsatisfied, given you carefully followed our photo guide instructions upon placing your order. Please read carefully to ensure a good render by your artist. Thank you!


TIP 1 Lighting

Lighting is KEY. Please send photos that are taken on a sunny day or in a well lit room. Our artists will be working directly with your photo and will need to see the details of your pet. Color is a big component!

TIP 2 Close Up

We want to capture as much detail as we can. Try to capture a close of your pet sitting or standing up, not lying down. Please avoid overhead shots. Our artists will work with your pet HEAD to CHEST region as this is our brand.

TIP 3 One Pet

At Pet Canva, we do only one pet per photo unless you're billed $7 for each additional one. If you don't see the option for two pets on a product, please email customer service!



STEP 1 The Pic

It all starts with just a picture! You don't have to be a professional photographer to get a great picture. A smartphone will do just fine!

STEP 2 Order

Visit our collection page to choose your product! You'll be promopted to upload your pic and select a background color.

STEP 3 Show Off

Once you receive your one of a kind order, don't be afraid to show it off! You can share your pic with us by using #PetCanva on social media!