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Personalized Heartbeat

  • Make Your Pet Look Like Your Heartbeat With Our Unique Artwork

    Personalized Pet Heartbeat

    Have you always wanted to immortalize your pet’s adorable face, but just framing a photo seemed too ordinary?

    Well, you’re in luck! Now, there’s a way to get a completely original, one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece, featuring your pet!

    We offer personalized heartbeats of pets. Yes, you read that right. You can get an adorable pet heartbeat Now, that's a thing any pet owner would want on their chest.

    You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and styles, while we will also provide a digital image. It will come in the form of a downloadable file. That way, you can either print it out or send it to your friends and family, or you can use it as screen saver on your phone or computer.

    Whichever Style you opt for, the artwork featuring your precious pet should leave no one indifferent. Here’s why:

    3 Reasons to Get a Unique Pet Heatrbeat

    * Works for any type of pet

    Many artists out there only paint cats or dogs. However, we don't discriminate. All pets deserve to strike a pose, which is why we offer our services to any furry friend, from cats and dogs to rabbits and chinchillas. No matter what kind of pet you have, this beautiful heartbeat is a great way to show everyone how much you love them.

    * Done by real artists

    We offer pet heartbeats painted by professional artists who draw pet beats every day. They paint the beats with a lot of love and attention, and don’t stop until they become masterpieces.

    * An amazing conversation topic at social gatherings

    These custom pet heartbeats are a great conversation starter, and they'll certainly make your visitors wow. Additionally, you can always take a look at the heartbeat when you’re thinking about your pet.

    Our pet beats are scientifically proven to make 99.2% of people jelous. Get one for yourself or your loved ones if you want to bring some joy into your lives.

  • Shipping Times

    USA: 3-5 working days
    CA, AUS, UK: 5-7 working days
    Europe: 5-10 working days
    Rest of world: 10-15 working days
    All orders are shipped fully tracked.

    Artwork Creation Time

    1. Expect your heartbeat ready to preview and approve in 2-3 days.
    2. We'll start printing within 24 hours of receiving your approval!
  • Why Us?

    PupBeats is the leading brand in personalized pet portraits. With over 2,000 pet portraits designed, printed and shipped around the globe, you're in good hands (or paws...)

    Our pet beat products (and everything else) make a great gift idea to the dog lover, cat mom, or pet owner in your life.

    1. Over 500 5-star reviews from pet lovers just like you!
    2. Preview & approve your custom pet artwork before printing.
    * Unlimited revisions! Whether it's a dog portrait, horse portrait or cat painting. We work until you're absolutely 100% happy.
    1. Follow the progress of your order inside your very own customer dashboard.
    2. Incredible reaction videos on social media - the perfect gift for a pet owner!
    3. Amazingly high quality artwork - every heartbeat is carefully designed by hand.
    4. All orders are shipping fully tracked and recorded in protective packaging.

    Still not sure? Contact our support team and let us answer your questions.

    If you've always wanted a dog drawing or watercolor painting of your pet, a PupBeats digital painting/dog portrait, or cat painting (all pets are welcome), is a luxurious, eye-catching alternative.

    Whether it's an affordable digital file or phone case featuring your dog art, or a fabulous gallery style pet portrait canvas, our range of products are the ideal gift idea for the dog lover in your life.

    Let's get started on your pet art today - all pets welcome!